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Smaller_Manora_KarachiManora is a small Island near Kemari (Kiamari) Port. This Island has a military base & it also serves as residential establishment. But it is open for general public and tourists. There is a long sandy beach towards the southern end of the Island where you can find clear pollution free waters. This beach makes Manora a popular picnic spot.

It only takes 20 minutes in a boat to reach Manora from Kemrai at a cost of Rs. 30/- per person. Water at Manora Beach is more clear as compared to Sea View or Clifton which are higly polluted beaches. Also it is comparatively near from City Centre as compared to Hawks bay or any other beach in the vicinity.

Lighthouse_at_Manora_Island_KarachiKemari is a small harbor catering to small fishing and sightseeing boats and launches, from where you can rent different sizes wooden trawlers/boats to take you around the harbor and various other locations such as Manora and mangroves around Karachi. You can also rent larger boats for longer duration (day/night) to go further away to some islands near the Indus delta, plus for deep sea fishing and even crabing. Larger boats may not be stationed at Kemari, but a smaller one will take you there for onward journey.

One has to heavily negotiate to get a better rate, avoid the touts who would ne lurking outside in the parking area. If you are also interested in eating crabs, ask the boat owner to arrange some and have a cookout on the boat while you travel. But be prepared for spicy crabs.

Sail_away_Karachi2Photography may not be permitted if you are touring near the harbor due to its proximity to a Naval base, and other sensitive installations around. Even the boats crew will discourage you to take pictures.

Also note that during Monsoon season (mid-June to late August), water may be choppy and if you are not a sea-farer, avoid going out to deep sea.

KPT_flyover_KarachiVisitors to Karachi should not miss a visit to Manora. Manora is an island in the harbour of Karachi. It has a military base but boasts among the attractions the oldest chapel in Karachi and a very ancient Hindu temple which is being restored. The main attraction is the lighthouse that few can visit which was built over a 100 years ago.
The lighthouse towers above the island and is visible from quite far off.

Karachii_KarachiA trip to Manora is a trip down history and on an island that is small and easily navigated.

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